Human Resources Manager

East House is looking for an engaged and collaborative Human Resources Manager who will partner with Directors, Managers and other employees in all aspects of human resources. This role will manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the HR department and reception area. These functions include but are not limited to sourcing & recruitment of talent, orientation and engagement of new staff, helping to develop and drive employee engagement efforts, development of competitive and cost-effective compensation & benefit programs, ensuring accurate record retention & legal compliance, maintenance of efficient and effective ATS, HRIS & LMS, partnering with other members of the HR team to develop and maintain appropriate HR policies and procedures and providing efficient services to address HR related needs. To be successful in this role it is critical that this individual be viewed as a trusted partner in aligning talent with the current and future needs of the organization.

Effective Recruitment and Orientation of Talent
A. Ensures compliance with federal and state laws, rules, policies and procedures related to recruitment and new hires

B. Provides effective practices for outreach to the community for current and future agency-wide talent needs

C. Maintains and effective ATS database and monitors our effectiveness at each level of the recruitment process

D. Supports Directors and Managers in the recruitment, interviewing and selection process

E. Ensures a robust orientation program that enables new talent to engage with the organization quickly and effectively
Competitive and Cost-Effective Compensation and Benefits Programs
A. Benchmarks existing compensation and benefit programs vs. peer organizations

B. Works with benefit providers to suggest and implement creative benefit solutions to attract and retain appropriate talent

C. Participates in the development of creative compensation models that attracts and retains top talent

D. Drives a performance evaluation process within the organization which ties to the agency compensation strategy

E. Develops benefit orientation and other informational materials and coordinates their dissemination and the promotion of benefits programs including open enrollment.
Fostering a Culture of Employee Engagement
A. Develop and implement strategies to assess employee engagement

B. Plan effective strategies for communicating results of assessments and plans for improvement

C. Analyze trends in best practices for engaging employees

D. Recommend and implement strategies to enhance employee

E. Engage leadership in effective strategies for enhancing employee engagement and retention

F. Partners with leadership to align and enhance skill sets for talent on an agency-wide basis
Leadership and Communication
A. Provides a positive and trusted approach with employees at all levels within the organization

B. Provides effective leadership and supervision to all direct reports

C. Develops, coordinates and analyzes various employee pulse surveys.

D. Establishes development plans and appropriate training as needed

E. Provides guidance and trains employees and managers on agency HR related policies and procedures as well as legal compliance.

F. Serves as a liaison between employees and various providers as primary point of contact for employees that have questions, difficulties with claims, payments, or need assistance in communicating with the providers.

G. Represents Human Resources on various committees

H. When appropriate, recommends potential policy or procedural changes that either enhance communication or improve employee morale.
Efficient HR Administration
A. Establishes and maintains effective systems for recordkeeping systems including HRIS, benefit systems, ATS, LMS, employment files, etc…

B. Coordinates all aspects of day-to-day benefits administration:

  1. Acts as primary point of contact for various providers
  2. Coordinates enrollments, terminations and benefit changes
  3. Assists with bill reconciliation and payment

C. Coordinates the review, creation, and implementation of HR policy and procedures.

D. Reconciles bills and follows-up on any billing issues

E. Develops and trains staff as appropriate in AA practices and cultural competence

F. Reviews all performance reviews for appropriate completion. Processes any rate changes tied to performance.

G. Manages employee leaves including leaves of absence, FMLA, disability and PFL

H. Recommends appropriate changes to procedures to enhance effectiveness and/or reduce cost to the agency
Employee Relations Guidance
A. Provides assistance to managers in conducting appropriate disciplinary interventions. Involves Director in terminations and sensitive issues as needed
B. Provides HR support for employee disciplinary meetings, terminations and investigations.
C. Recommends improvements to existing practices to enhance employee morale and engagement
D. Provides support and guidance to HR staff, management, and other staff when complex, specialized, and sensitive questions and issues arise