Operations Coordinator

Position Summary:

The Operations Coordinator provides administrative and operations related support to CCA’s organizational infrastructure including HR, Finance, Programs, and Operations Department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Finance & Operations:
• Reviews and processes organization expenses and invoices for payment.
• Maintains vendor and contractor files and all organization related documents.
• Provides support with vendor relationships and insurance cert requirements.
• Monitors company credit card reconciliation reports.
• Assist in keeping third party applications in alignment with organizational processes (i.e. Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, etc.).
• Monitors Safety Compliance for all CCA office spaces and classroom spaces.
• Creates and maintains data systems for tracking general operational procedures
• Facilitates relationship with IT Department to expedite service needs of CCA equipment and overall IT support needs.
• Monitors and tracks staff inventory and office equipment.
• Tracks and orders office supplies.
• Maintains compliance with office equipment reports and contracts.
• Monitors working conditions of office equipment and assist with repair and troubleshooting as needed.
• Maintains and supports CCA general accounts (GoToMeeting, Zoom, Fed Ex, Office Depot, Public Storage, etc.).
• Leads office space management, anticipating office space needs, managing arrangements, including overall maintenance of CCA office space in an organized fashion with SEIU building administrators.
• Coordinates logistics for CCA functions, including securing meeting space for CCA events.
• Provides support for ongoing CCA training, All-Staff Meetings, Summer Event, and End of Year event.
• Schedules conference calls and meetings; attend meetings as assigned to take notes, prepare minutes, and execute follow-up assignments.
• Compose and format documentation including letters, presentations, and memos.
• Process all incoming and outgoing mail.
• Perform other duties as assigned to support CCA programs and the mission of the organization.
Human Resources
• Assists with recruitment and interview process. Tracks status of candidates and provides follow-up at the end of each phase of the recruiting process.
• Assist with gathering all documentation surrounding the onboarding processes.
• Provides HR logistical support around onboarding and separation processes.
• Processes employee status changes for signature collection.
• Processes Intern Agreements for program participation qualifications and signature collection.
• Maintains and files employee documents received by supervisor in personnel files.
• Updates compliance posters, notices on Intranet.
• Reconciles benefits statements.
• Manages HR calendar (i.e. collection expired auto or driver license information, 90 days performance evaluations, etc.)
• Makes photocopies; mails, scans, and emails documents; and performs other clerical functions.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

• Audits class administrative work
• Processes payments on behalf of the program
• Coordinates items in relationship to Member Advisory Committee/Group
• Assist students, former students, and visitors via phone or walk-ins with requests or complaints and refer them to appropriate staff for resolution.
• Perform other duties as assigned to support CCA programs and the mission of the organization.

Experience and Qualifications:
• HS Diploma or equivalent with 1-3 yrs experience.
• Strong commitment to social and economic justice.
• Expertise using Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.
• Knowledge of standard business documents and table formatting to prepare materials.
• Must be proficient in basic math components including ability to compute percentages
• Proficient use of the Internet as a research tool.
• Experience composing grammatically correct correspondence, and editing drafts to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
• Excellent organizational skills with high level of attention to details.
• Ability to interact and communicate courteously and tactfully with managers, co-workers, students, vendors, and stakeholders.

Company Description

The Center for Caregiver Advancement (CCA) is the largest provider of training for long-term care workers in California. Our mission is to build the workforce of highly trained caregivers that many Californians can’t live without. We will champion training for all caregivers and make it universally accessible. We believe that trained caregivers will be respected and valued professionals who have been proven to enhance the quality of life and save money for our overburdened healthcare system. Our efforts will create jobs and upward mobility for the millions of people who are needed as caregivers in California. With the wave of the baby boomers in or approaching retirement age, 10,000 people will turn 65 every day for the next 15 years, which creates systemic pressures and the need for growth of the long-term care workforce. CCA is working to enhance the skills of direct care workers that are needed to support this diverse aging population.

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