Part-Time Human Resources Partner and Recruiter

Our team at Ethos Human Capital Solutions is growing, and we need additional talent! We are looking for people who are interested in part-time work to start, but we will entertain full-time candidates if you have the right mix of skills.

We offer recruiting, training, consulting and payroll processing services for small to mid-sized businesses. We have a few needs, and the ideal candidate will act as an outsourced HR Manager for clients, handling everything from recruiting to separations.

Career Experience Description

To effectively advise clients, you should have 7+ years of experience. If you’ve worked as a consultant before, great. If not, we’ll show you the ropes. You must have a very good understanding of CA employment laws and be able to create certainty for clients who are afraid of getting sued or being out of compliance. If you have experience recruiting, you just may be the exact team member we need!

Company Description

At Ethos Human Capital Solutions we have a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience, for engaging people, and for creating a work environment that rocks.

We see the transformative power of people working well together every day. We’re excited to help businesses experience that.

We help them attract and secure premier talent, unravel and resolve complex people problems, develop leaders to top performance, and help professionals master relationship skills. Together we can unleash the magic of a united team at their business.

We want them to have greater clarity and certainty in decision-making, an unbiased and extremely experienced perspective they can count on, and the productivity and profitability that propels their business to the next level.

We value: being of service; building trust; connecting the dots for people, and having fun!

Reach out if you share our passion and values!