Payroll Specialist w/ Human Resource Employee Relations

Payroll Specialist with HR and Accounting Experience
Reports to VP of Human Resources

• Prepares and processes payroll, to include commission, bonus, deferred overtime, and other financial documents. Processing of bi-weekly payroll, to include maintaining employee information (deductions, taxes, garnishments, direct deposits, and support orders), reviewing earnings, processing payroll/financial reports.
• Reviews and reconciles payroll records for accuracy
• Maintains, scans, and files payroll records for future reference
• Prepares and executes state and federal payroll taxes
• Coordinates Paycom Timekeeping activities with all managers and team members
• Responsible for tracking hourly sick leave, vacation, and personal time
• Ensures proper calculations and processes payroll in compliance with Federal, State, and Municipalities laws (wage, overtime/double-time), meal and rest breaks, deferred overtime compensation.
• Ensures the proper calculation and process of all elected and mandatory payroll deductions, including taxes, child support orders, IRS liens, garnishments, and insurance.
• Reviews and maintains updated procedures. Assists and coordinates workflow and procedures between HR and Accounting.
• Train managers and employees on the use of Paycom Time & Attendance, and related timecard and payroll items (W4, direct deposit, Pay Cards, etc.).
• Generates payroll and financial reports for Human Resources and Accounting.
• Monitors activity related to direct deposit returns.
• Ensures all payroll related functions are with zero errors.
• Compiles monthly payroll reports for month end entries.
• Reviews employee information that has been entered into Paycom.
• Reconciles and prepares annual W-2 and 1095 forms through Paycom.
• Notifies and provides necessary GL/Journal adjustments related to payroll.
• Screens daily time cards, enters time card data, reviews keyed entries, and verifies accuracy of data entry both daily and weekly for reasonableness and consistency. Communicates with supervisors to correct and fix time card issues.
• Monitors on a daily/weekly basis the Paycom system – adding/updating schedules, new hires, and correction of missing punch exceptions, orphan events, event monitoring, and accrual edits.
• Upload data and batch data into the Paycom system.
• Checks the payroll account on a daily basis for exceptions, which includes daily/weekly review of reports for Paycom, time card issues, and maintaining the issue log to assist supervision in making corrections in Paycom.
• Maintain a high level of security and confidentially of sensitive information.
• Correspond with and for employees regarding payroll printouts of earnings, W-2’s, information requests and/or letters for employees or outside agencies and maintaining of the Paycom payroll card program.
• Processes voids, manual checks, enters disability payments, review and enter payment adjustments, process garnishment payments.
• First line contact for all employees time & attendance, payroll, payroll deductions, OT, pay, etc.

• Proven experience as payroll specialist or payroll manager – 2-3 years
• Mulit-state payroll & CA payroll experience
• Solid knowledge of pay related laws on a national basis (CA specific too).
• Commission and bonus experience with hourly employees (legal knowledge)
• Solid understanding of accounting fundamentals and payroll best practices
• Up to date knowledge of legislation and regulations of the field
• Highly Proficient in MS Office and good knowledge of relevant software (e.g. Paycom, ADP, etc.) databases
• Extensive Excel experience to include Data Sorting, Data Validation, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, Macros, and data simulations.
• Trustworthy with attention to confidentiality
• Outstanding organizational ability with great attention to detail
• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
• Some HR Generalist Experience (Employee Relations and Policy Admin).

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