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Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Economic Update With Carson Lappetito of Sunwest Bank

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Have a high-level understanding of economic trends globally, nationally and locally;
  • Understand the economic outlook for key industries in the US;
  • Discuss Trade War/Tariffs and how it is impacting U.S./China/local, business decisions, prices, etc.; and
  • Understand the employment market and consumer behavior in Los Angeles.


Carson Lappetito

President of Sunwest Bank

Mr. Lappetito serves as President of Sunwest Bank, an entrepreneurial business bank headquartered in Irvine, CA with operations across the Western US. Prior to joining Sunwest Bank in a management role, Mr. Lappetito co-founded H Bancorp (Sunwest’s Holding Company) and served as Vice President of Hovde Private Equity Advisors where he was responsible for analyzing and valuing investment opportunities as well as assisting portfolio companies with M&A, operational strategy, investment management and ALCO. Prior to H Bancorp, Mr. Lappetito was also assistant portfolio manager for Hovde Capital Advisors, a long/short hedge fund focused on investing in the financial services sector. Prior to Hovde, Mr. Lappetito was a senior analyst and product manager at Darling Consulting Group, where he was responsible for advising a wide range of financial institutions on asset liability management, valuation, risk management and strategic planning. Mr. Lappetito graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Mandarin Chinese.