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Silicon Valley Managing Virtual Teams & Managing Up

No matter how intelligent and well-informed an organization’s leaders are, they can’t always see the big picture in every situation. We may find ourselves wanting to communicate ideas and suggestions to managers in a way that will improve the overall leadership of the organization, even if we’re not in official leadership positions ourselves. In this workshop, we examine the ways we can influence the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization and work team, even if we are not the ones giving all the orders. We also commit to being more flexible in responding to others. Finally, we explore ways of managing our priorities and expectations, while accomplishing our goals and the goals of our manager at the same time.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:
•           Plan the way we communicate with managers and colleagues
•           Manage priorities and expectations
•           Effectively receive suggestions and feedback
•           Sell an idea up the organization

Primary Competencies: Initiative, Results-Oriented, Vision, Communication, Leadership
Related Competency Categories: External Awareness, Accountability


About the Speaker:

Jenna Reid joined Dale Carnegie Training in 2018 and shortly thereafter became a Certified Trainer and Account Manager for Dale Carnegie Training of San Diego. Her diplomacy, her ability to truly listen to understand, and her constructive coaching abilities have transformed participants into modern, empathetic leaders.
As a trainer for Dale Carnegie, her passion to help and empower others has served her corporate clients and individual participants to improve their team communication and efficacy, strengthen company culture and drive innovation and profitability.
Jenna holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She lives in Oceanside with her husband and two children and in her free time, enjoys planning her next international travel adventure, running long distance, practicing Spanish as a second language, and keeping an active social life with family and friends.