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Silicon Valley The Virtues of Virtual Physical Therapy & Keeping Your WFH Employees Pain-Free


With the emergence of the Covid pandemic, the need to deliver virtual care, and the push to identify cost-savings opportunities, many employers are taking advantage of new healthcare options that can be delivered at a lower cost with the same high quality they expect. Aware Health, a start-up which launched in the Spring of 2020, is a tele-rehab provider for self-insured employers with the goal of improving employee health and reducing medical costs. Their hybrid digital and face-to-face approach to treating musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions is research-based and therefore avoids the use of opioids, imaging, and extensive physical therapy. When MSK pain is triaged effectively and treated early, studies show that patient outcomes are excellent and employer cost savings are huge. Additionally, the webinar will cover the topic of how to keep your employees working from home pain-free so they won’t need treatment in the first place! You’ll learn a different kind of ergonomics which doesn’t require fancy equipment or a rigid body posture while working.


Learning Objectives

1. Discover a new option for treating musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, one of the top three employer medical costs.
2. Learn how emotional and physical health are closely related, and how the experience of pain is exacerbated by stress.
3. Identify three practical ways employees can reduce pain before it becomes a problem.
4. Learn three actionable steps you can take with employees at your own company for a pain-free workspace. (Hint: none require buying ergonomic equipment)


Speaker Biographies

Dr. Ojha

Dr. Ojha is founder of Aware Health, an ancillary vendor who provides early
intervention musculoskeletal care direct to employees outside of the traditional work
comp and medical claims insurance models, for a stronger workplace at less cost. She
has over 15 years experience working as a physical therapy clinician, and 9 years as a
professor/researcher, publishing more than 20 articles on the best way to evaluate and
treat muscle, nerve, and joint pain.  She has spoken at national and international
conferences on the topics of triage and best treatment strategies to prevent progression
of musculoskeletal pain to chronicity.  Outside of work, she enjoys running with her
kids and camping in all the amazing National Parks in CA.

Judy Sandweiss

Judy Sandweiss has been in the field of HR for over 15 years, mostly with technology companies including Sun Microsystems and Qualcomm. She and Dr. Ojha have known each other over two decades and reconnected earlier this year to discuss Heidi’s new venture. Judy joined Aware Health as a Consultant and has loved applying her HR background, interest in healthcare, and on-the-ground experience with employees to this digital start-up that treats the whole human: physical, mental, and emotional.  She has two master’s degrees from Cornell University, one in Industrial & Labor Relations and the other in Health Administration, and after graduating spent 7 years in the Bay Area before returning to San Diego where she now lives.