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Farewell Message from National President-Kevin Tackaberry

Kevin TackaberryDear National Human Resources Association Members:     Thank you for your continued membership in the National HR Association. I have been honored to serve as your President for the 2019-2020 year, and am excited for the organization that Giulia Molisani will be serving as our 2020-2021 President.  Giulia has been an active member, affiliate board member, and national board member for several years.  Most recently serving this past year as President-Elect she has helped successfully guide the organization through unprecedented times and will be a tremendous leader for us to help guide the organization through uncharted waters.  

Reflecting on the past year it is truly amazing what has been accomplished and what we have been presented to navigate through both personally and professionally.  As an organization we have built a foundation that will allow us to continue to thrive as an organization.  I have always felt that the Human Resource profession is a special calling to guide and support organizations with effective people strategies to help them achieve their mission and vision in a manner consistent with their values.  Now more than ever we have a special opportunity to contribute to organizations and be the trusted advisor to Listen, Learn, and Lead.

Being forced to isolate for me has reinforced the need for community.  Witnessing injustice, indignity, and inequality has reinforced for me the need for common unity.  Through the many years I have been involved with NHRA I’ve connected and collaborated with many premier professionals in the field, which has enabled me to gain valuable insights and grow my base of knowledge and skills. I have also benefited personally from the friendships that have developed over time. Each year, I am excited to make new connections and new friends. NHRA has been and continues to be a place where I get to experience community with like-minded professionals trying to make a difference in organizations through people.   

Our premier HR organization continues to grow through the dedication and commitment of visionary volunteers. We have an amazing group of volunteers at each of the local Affiliates serving on boards and committees and helping to create events and opportunities that connect and develop us as HR leaders. We also have an amazing group of volunteers at the National level working with the Affiliate leadership to lead our organization. I encourage you to get to know your local and national leaders.    Please encourage your network to get involved in their professional community and enjoy the benefits of membership. Also, consider getting involved with an Affiliate or National committee, liking us on Facebook, joining our LinkedIn group, or starting a dialogue by emailing us at  

Kevin Tackaberry
President, National HR Association