Member Benefits


Professional Networking

Connect with HR professionals of varying levels of education, experience and expertise.

NHRA meetings provide attendees with a warm, open learning environment where you can build your own personal human resource leadership network. Many of our members (and guests) value the personal and business relationships they have been able to form with fellow human resources and leadership professionals and have found the assistance and support of their peers invaluable throughout the course of their career life cycle.


Professional Development

Excel in your HR career by participating in wide range of programs and professional development training opportunities offered by NHRA and its HR Training Partners in live meetings and through online experiences.

These professional development programs enable participants to enhance their knowledge and skills. In addition to building your skills, you are able to learn in an environment free from sales pressure by speakers and attendees. Other than a brief presentation by our meeting sponsors, solicitation is discouraged. Click here for details on upcoming events.


Leadership Opportunities & Development

National Human Resources Association is committed to supporting both the personal and leadership development of its members.

NHRA members are encouraged to participate on local committees, hold elected officer positions, and participate on the National Board or any of its’ committees. These opportunities will allow you to build your leadership skills within a supportive environment, skills which can easily be applied in the workplace as you advance in your career.


Members receive FREE access to ThinkHR is a cloud-based HR resource center and live HR hotline that can help you and your business navigate the complexities of HR compliance and workforce management.

In addition to the online resources, access to the HR Hotline allows you to obtain quick answers or second opinions on a range of HR, compliance and workforce management issues.

Navigating the rapidly changing workplace employment laws like Health Care Reform can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. The NHRA provides you with the tools you need to meet these complex challenges, reduce risk and make workforce compliance-related decisions quickly and confidently.


We offer a unique database focusing on human resource and related positions across the United States. Whether you are looking for a position in human resources or trying to fill one, The Career Center is the place to be! Our Careers webpage is viewed approximately 125,000 times per month and is an exceptional place to find the talent you are seeking or the opportunity you may be looking for!

Career openings are easy to post and each listing will remain online for 30, 60 or 90 days (the length of the posting is your choice) unless we are otherwise notified. Additionally, all members receive 5 FREE JOB POSTINGS on our website per their membership year.

We also provide direct links to Career Builder and our members receive a 15% discount when posting jobs on Career Builder.


Through our training partnerships, NHRA is able to offer access to a wide range of training and development events being held around the country. These programs are delivered through audiocast, webcast, seminars and conferences as well as in-house training opportunities. Topics include HR, General Management, Leadership, Finance, Personal Development. See Events for upcoming programs or use the links below to see a full catalog of offerings by each of our partners.