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The NHRA leadership group has collected materials to keep individuals informed and help them adapt during this difficult time.

Additionally, ThinkHR and MammothHR have combined their COVD-19 materials and made them available to the public.

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A Letter From the President


NHRA Community: We are living through truly unprecedented times with the dramatic global impact COVID-19 has had on our work, our communities, our family, and every facet of how we go about our daily lives. As Human Resource professionals, we are challenged with helping the business navigate unchartered waters to respond to the ever changing environment. I

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LIVE Q&A 03.27: COVID-19 and your Workplace

Los Angeles, CA

REGISTER HERE Ask an Employment Law Attorney: COVID-19 Update and Live Q&A on COVID-19 and Your Workplace NHRA LOS ANGELES in partnership with FISHER PHILLIPS attorneys Nicole Kamm and Hannah Sweiss will provide a brief COVID-19 update and walk through your human resources and employment law questions regarding COVID-19 and covering the new EPSL and

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Free Legal Webinar 03.23 – Coronavirus: What Employers Need to Know

Los Angeles, CA

REGISTER HERE The Coronavirus has now spread to almost every state in the U.S and is causing significant disruptions in workplaces. U.S. officials are developing plans to respond.  Because of this significant and growing impact, HR professionals must balance a complex combination of issues to respond to and effectively manage workplace issues related to the coronavirus,

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