Presented by: Donna Moody, AAIM Training and Organizational ManagerLaughing Matters: Reduce Stress at Work

Donna is an expert on communication, leadership and diversity.  She is considered by many a very inspirational and humorous motivator who empowers people of all backgrounds to improve.  She has been a college administrator and consultant for over 20 years in higher education and civic communities.  In addition to her position as Manager of Training and Organizational Development at AAIM, she has been an adjunct professor at St. Louis University providing instruction in the areas of Human Resources, Team Dynamics, Interpersonal Communication, Cross-Cultural Competency, Diversity, Public Speaking and Leadership for over 17 years.

Donna is involved in her community and has developed positive partnerships through membership on numerous boards and associations, such as Diversity Awareness Partnership, Scott Air Force Base African American Association, president; Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Southwestern Illinois Violence Prevention Center and Racial Harmony, both of Belleville, IL.

In addition, she has received the Who’s Who In Diversity of Color St. Louis Award, the Metropolitan Area Professional Organization Award, the Omega Psi Phi’s Citizen of the Year and the Scott Air Force Base’s Outstanding African American in Government Award.

Donna received a bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University and a master’s degree from Webster University. Both are in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.


Laughing Matters:  Reduce Stress at Work

Harmless humorous antics in the workplace are now encouraged by many corporations, including General Electric, IBM and AT&T.  Companies of all sizes are supporting humor programs to improve morale, relieve stress, build camaraderie and positively impact the bottom line.

Modern medical experts agree that “Laughter is the best medicine.” A hearty belly laugh can lower blood pressure, and laughter exercises the lungs, pumps more oxygen into the bloodstream and activates endorphins that make people feel good. We were born with the capability to communicate with our emotions, and that includes laughing and smiling.

It is important to know that humor has a proper place a time, therefore, this session will provide some professional guidelines to a healthy chuckle at work.