Presented by: Hank EpsteinLean Practice…myth & reality

Hank Epstein is the co-founder of The Quality Coach!® a business & executive coaching practice that will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019.  The mission of The Quality Coach!® is to help organizations in any industry build cultures that energize and enliven their employees.  As the slogan of his practice teaches, Hank believes that “every business is a people business” and his coaching is focused on helping leaders at all levels to engage in human to human interactions with employees that bring out the very best they have to offer for the benefit of the enterprise.  Hank was educated as a chemical engineer and worked for Monsanto for 25 years in various capacities as an individual contributor and leader.

Lean Practice…myth & reality

The principles of lean practice are based on the Toyota Production System.  Toyota has taught hundreds of companies their principles and tools and yet no company has achieved nearly the level of benefit from their implementation that Toyota has.  Why is that?  Coach Hank Epstein of The Quality Coach!® will explore the reasons at our January 24th Luncheon.  In the spirit of maximum involvement with our topic and speaker, Coach Hank has requested that you prepare for the session by reflecting on a thought problem that you will receive next week and making an attempt to solve it.  He will reveal the solution as part of his presentation.

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