Date: Wednesday, 1/27/2021 | 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific

You’ve worked hard to be the best while leading your team and organization through continuous change. However, instead of being satisfied, every achievement adds more stress and complexity to your life.

Speaker, advisor and recovering overachiever, CJ McClanahan has put together a program to help decrease our anxiety while increasing productivity and engagement so that we can focus on driving business results – even in the midst of chaos. In this short webinar, he will discuss proven strategies you can put into practice today.


CJ McClanahan is a sought-after speaker, author and executive coach. Since 2003, he’s spent more than 10,000 hours in front of entrepreneurs, executives and their teams helping them to achieve record sales and profits. A few years after starting his coaching firm, CJ noticed that no matter how much success his clients achieved, very few every seemed to truly enjoy the journey. It didn’t matter if they doubled their income or become CEO – it never seemed to be enough. CJ’s latest book, The Overachiever’s Dilemma, lays out a proven strategy to help overachievers get more satisfaction and joy in their lives while still achieving all their professional goals.


Thank you to our sponsor, Quantum Health, for their invaluable support of this event. Quantum Health was born out of the belief that navigating the consumer healthcare journey should be easier and more affordable. Simply put, Quantum Health’s mission is to provide a guided experience that reduces the complexity and cost of healthcare for their members and the medical professionals who care for them. They have helped nearly 200 regional and national businesses cut costs without cutting back on benefits. Today, Quantum Health provides a simplified healthcare experience to more than a million plan participants across the country.



*Registrants will receive a WebEx Meeting link within 48 hours of the event.