The economic outlook for 2021 is very complicated as the regional and national economies rebound from the battle against COVID. It is truly a tale of two economies, with some industries having the greatest years ever and others experiencing the worst. A few examples are; technology companies v. hospitality, wall street v. main street, industrial real estate v. retail real estate, as well as impact of shutdowns between just LA and OC. The political environment is having a greater and greater impact on the economy and 2021 will be no different on a national and local level. The largest government stimulus packages in history have been injected into the economy and policy has been determining winners and losers. The size and number of businesses leaving the state of California grew significantly this year and will have many ripple effects on our state’s economy.

Presented by:

Ike Brannon, President Capital Policy Analytics Group and Carson Lappetito, President, Sunwest Bank

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Presenter Bio’s

Carson Lappetito serves as the President of Sunwest Bank and COO of its parent company H Bancorp. Prior to the formation of H Bancorp, he served as Vice President of Hovde Private Equity Advisors where he was responsible for analyzing and valuing investment opportunities as well as assisting portfolio companies with M&A, investment management and ALCO. Prior to Hovde, Mr. Lappetito was a senior analyst and product manager at Darling Consulting Group, where he was responsible for advising a wide range of community banks on asset liability management. Mr. Lappetito graduated from Bates College with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science and a minor in Mandarin Chinese.

Ike Brannon is president of Capital Policy Analytics. He is a Washington, D.C.-based economist who writes frequently on public policy issues. Brannon is a senior fellow at the Jack Kemp Foundation.
Brannon previously worked as a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the George W. Bush Institute. Before that he spent nearly a decade in government, serving as the chief economist for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Republican Policy Committee, senior adviser for tax policy at the U.S. Treasury, principal economic adviser for Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on the Senate Finance Committee,  and senior economist for the Office of Management and Budget. Brannon was also the chief economist for the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Amy Cooper. All names we’ve heard mentioned repeatedly over the past few weeks, followed by protests in multiple cities over the past week due to social injustice and unrest.

Companies may be wondering if they should speak out or what they can do to show support to their employees of all races during times like these.

Dr. Tana M. Session will share the importance of being a true A.L.L.Y. in the workplace and the actions Human Resources, companies and employees can take to show support right now.

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Encouraging the use of collaborative workspaces is one thing, but advocating for B.Y.O.B. as a workplace habit is a bridge too far! Not as B.Y.O.B. is defined here. It doesn’t mean to bring your own bottle. As a workplace habit, B.Y.O.B. is about getting “Beyond Your Own Box” in terms of thinking beyond the boxes of organizational assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs to increase engagement and productivity.

Learning objectives:

About the speaker:

Dr. Anita Polite-Wilson, affectionately known as Dr. Anita, is the Founder & CEO of Dr. Anita Enterprises, Inc. Consulting with organizations as a Team Dynamics Strategist and coach, she describes herself as someone helping anyone collaborate with everyone.

Her mission includes advising and coaching leaders at all organizational levels on their journey toward accepting and adapting to the unique needs of today’s workforce which reflects more diverse individuals, spanning five generations, requiring dynamic teams that constantly evolve.

Working with leaders for more than 20 years, Dr. Anita has been successful at shifting the paradigm of change management from “check-the-box-initiatives” having little or no impact, to “change-the-culture-behaviors” that will noticeably improve collaborations and increase productivity. More specifically, she helps leaders and teams navigate complexity and change by focusing on the strengths of the people who solve problems.



What is “unconscious bias?” We can’t address it if we aren’t sure what it is or how it shows up in
our personal lives. Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, nationality or socio-economic
background, and regardless of how liberal you may think you are, we are ALL guilty of
unconscious bias. Sometimes it shows up as a fleeting thought as you pass someone on the
street, or a snap judgment you make about someone you meet for the first time. Through candid
conversations, open dialogue and real-world examples, this session will uncover the shocking
proof of how unconscious bias shows up in our daily decision-making, and how it can impact the
workplace, employees and overall productivity.

Webinar Time is 2pm Eastern and 11am Pacific