Join Charlie Johnston as we empower the next generation of work.

Imagine a world without Google, Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, mobile banking, or even the Starbucks app— how would we survive? The digital disruption we experience daily, but take for granted in our personal lives, is coming fast and furiously into the workplace. What will it look like? How will leadership and the expectations of HR teams change? Are we ready?

Charlie Johnston, SVP of People & Communities at Cisco, discusses how HR and leaders can embrace, enable, and empower their teams to thrive in the workplace of the future, and will share lessons learned through Cisco’s transformation and journey to become the world’s #1 place to work in 2019.


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About Charlie Johnston

Charlie Johnston, Cisco; SVP, People & Communities

Charlie Johnston is the Senior Vice President of HR for Global Sales, Marketing, and Country HR at Cisco, responsible for leading HR for over 18,000 sales and marketing professionals and delivering HR services to the 93 countries in which Cisco has a presence. Charlie joined Cisco in May 2007 as HR Director for UK and Ireland (UKI) with the responsibility to drive change within the region as Cisco began its global workplace transformation. Charlie was instrumental in the design of Cisco’s innovative employee engagement and experience program called ‘The People Deal,” which continues to drive the company’s culture globally.