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Encouraging the use of collaborative workspaces is one thing, but advocating for B.Y.O.B. as a workplace habit is a bridge too far! Not as B.Y.O.B. is defined here. It doesn’t mean to bring your own bottle. As a workplace habit, B.Y.O.B. is about getting “Beyond Your Own Box” in terms of thinking beyond the boxes of organizational assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs to increase engagement and productivity.

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Dr. Anita Polite-Wilson, affectionately known as Dr. Anita, is the Founder & CEO of Dr. Anita Enterprises, Inc. Consulting with organizations as a Team Dynamics Strategist and coach, she describes herself as someone helping anyone collaborate with everyone.

Her mission includes advising and coaching leaders at all organizational levels on their journey toward accepting and adapting to the unique needs of today’s workforce which reflects more diverse individuals, spanning five generations, requiring dynamic teams that constantly evolve.

Working with leaders for more than 20 years, Dr. Anita has been successful at shifting the paradigm of change management from “check-the-box-initiatives” having little or no impact, to “change-the-culture-behaviors” that will noticeably improve collaborations and increase productivity. More specifically, she helps leaders and teams navigate complexity and change by focusing on the strengths of the people who solve problems.


April 9, 1pm PST
The New Normal: COVID-19 Legal Developments Employers Should Know 
The Coronavirus has now spread to every state in the U.S and is causing significant disruptions in workplaces. Because of this significant and growing impact, HR professionals must balance a complex combination of issues to respond to and effectively manage workplace issues related to the coronavirus, including: the Family First Coronavirus Act (FFCA), the CARES Act, paid sick leave laws, unemployment insurance, notice requirements, managing a remote workforce, and many of the fast-paced developments at the federal, state, and local levels. Employers need to know what their responsibilities are, available resources, and recommended approaches under the law.
Join NHRA for this 60-minute webinar, presented by Fisher Phillips attorneys Nicole Kamm and Hannah Sweiss as they review some of the key issues and prepare HR professionals with up-to-date news and recommendations. What policies and recommendations should employers put in place? What are an employer’s legal responsibilities and liabilities? What are the workers’ compensation implications? You’ll learn answers to these questions and more during this important session.
Speakers Representing:
Speaker: Nicole Kamm
Nicole has handled a full range of labor and employment matters, including claims before the Department of Labor, EDD, EEOC, and California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).
Speaker: Hannah Sweiss
Hannah Sweiss represents a broad range of clients, from small businesses to national companies, in a variety of industries including trucking, hospitality, travel, manufacturing, and healthcare.


What is “unconscious bias?” We can’t address it if we aren’t sure what it is or how it shows up in
our personal lives. Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, nationality or socio-economic
background, and regardless of how liberal you may think you are, we are ALL guilty of
unconscious bias. Sometimes it shows up as a fleeting thought as you pass someone on the
street, or a snap judgment you make about someone you meet for the first time. Through candid
conversations, open dialogue and real-world examples, this session will uncover the shocking
proof of how unconscious bias shows up in our daily decision-making, and how it can impact the
workplace, employees and overall productivity.

Webinar Time is 2pm Eastern and 11am Pacific