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The following National Human Resources Association Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to all National Human Resources Association electronic communications including National Human Resources Association websites located at www.humanresources.org, additional websites or domains that we may adopt, and other electronic communications that we may send to you (e.g., email messages). These Terms of Use describe what you can access and how you can use our websites, information, and materials. We are committed to protecting your privacy. The Privacy Policy explains how we gather and use the information that we collect from you.

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Terms of Use

We may change these policies from time to time by updating this page. Your continued use of this site and other methods of communication after we post any revised policy means that you accept our revised policy.

The Company

The National Human Resources Association is a New York Not for Profit Corporation with its principal offices at P.O. Box 5455, Manchester, NH, 03108-5455. info@humanresources.org (866)523-4417.

Ownership, License, Use

This website and other methods of communication are owned and operated by the National Human Resources Association. The National Human Resources Association owns all rights in the name National Human Resources Association ,its trademarks, and service marks and reserves all rights to such property. This website, our text messages, and all materials appearing on them are protected by copyright and may not be used without our prior written permission. Any other trademarks or copyrighted materials appearing on the website or in text messages are the property of their respective owners and may not be used without permission.

You may access and use the materials and information on our website or in text messages as they appear there for your own personal use, educational advancement, or professional development. Any materials that you download for your own use must maintain all copyright or other notices. Except as we expressly permit, any redistribution, retransmission, commercial exploitation, linking, or other uses are strictly prohibited.

You shall not copy or edit the materials, or integrate them into any other media. You shall not claim ownership or authorship, or otherwise use the materials except as we expressly permit. You shall not hack into our website or text messages, or otherwise gain unauthorized access to or make improper use of our content or website.

No Representations or Warranties

We provide you access to the information and materials on our site or our text messages on an “AS IS” basis without any representations or warranties. THE National Human Resources Association EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw our information, materials, and services at any time without notice. We are not responsible or liable for any interruption or discontinuation of the website or our subscriptions. We also have the right to terminate your access to all or part of our website or our subscriptions without notice. While we offer a wide variety of useful information, materials, and services, we make no promises about the content, your ability to secure a position, or advance in your career. By using this site and other methods of communication, you confirm that you have not relied on any of their respective content.

Exclusion of Liability

The National Human Resources Association shall not be liable for any damages, including special, incidental, or consequential damages, or lost profits that are in any way related to the distribution, use, or inability to use the information or materials on this website or in our text messages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. In all events, our total liability is limited to the amount, if any, that you actually paid us for accessing this website or our text messages.

Third Party Links

We occasionally link to third party sites. This is to provide you with additional information but does not mean that we endorse or are otherwise affiliated with such websites. We have no responsibility for the content or activities on those sites.

Your Responsibility

You are responsible for complying with the laws of the jurisdiction wherever you are located, and you agree that you will not access or use this site, its information, or materials in violation of such laws.


We may revise these terms at any time without notice. By continuing to access and use this site or our text messages, you consent to these policies. Your obligations may not be sublicensed or assigned without our prior permission. These policies constitute the entire agreement between us governing your access and use of our site and text messages and all such information and material. If any provision of these policies is unenforceable, it shall be modified to provide National Human Resources Association with the greatest protection possible. Your obligations to respect our intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, website, and text message content) continue even after you stop using the site or our materials. These policies are governed by the laws of New York, and any dispute between us shall be brought in the state or federal courts located in New York. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of those courts. If you have violated or threatened to violate these policies, we may seek injunctive or other appropriate relief against you; this is in addition to any claims for damages that we may have. You agree to pay all of our costs of enforcement, including reasonable attorney fees.

Privacy Policy

The National Human Resources Association is committed to protecting your personal information.

What We Collect

When you register with us, we collect selected limited information. First, the site collects contact information such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and phone and fax numbers. Second, the site may collect information about the type of work you do (i.e. practitioner, researcher, student, etc.) and your HR responsibilities.

How We Use the Information

We use your information to provide you with a better experience at our site.

Access Privileges

We use information collected during registration to verify that you have the rights to access National Human Resources Association-member-only content, and that you qualify for various National Human Resources Association-member discounts and promotions.

Use of IP Address

We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our website.

Site Monitoring & Maintenance

We use your registration information to measure the user traffic of various sections of the site. This information is used on an aggregate level only, and the site does not record the specific content viewed by any individual user.

Periodically, we perform site maintenance activities that may disrupt the normal operations of the site. We endeavor to perform routine maintenance during non-peak hours. Occasionally, unforeseen interruptions occur to normal operation of the site. We are committed to correcting these as soon as possible.


We offer a wide variety of products and services which may be offered either directly, through an affiliate acting on our behalf, or by third parties to whom we have established links from our website to make their products and services available to you.

E-Commerce Transactions

When you place an order online with us, your personal details and credit card information are scrambled using industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology before being sent over the Internet. Although we cannot guarantee encryption or the privacy of your personal details and credit card information, SSL makes it very difficult for your information to be stolen or intercepted while being transferred.

Credit card transactions are maintained by e-onlinedata. All information sent to e-onlinedata is compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards, which will protect it against disclosure to third parties. When we receive your order, it is kept encrypted until e-onlinedata is ready to process it. For further information about e-onlinedata privacy and security practices go to: http://www.e-onlinedata.com/.

Refund Policy

The National Human Resources Association is a Non-profit organization consisting of individual, corporate and student memberships. Membership is nonrefundable and non-transferrable. All members must abide by the National Human Resources Code of Ethics.

Cancellation Policy

Should your schedule change and you need to cancel a reservation, you must contact the affiliate no later than 12 noon the Friday before the event. Cancellations received after that date and time are non-refundable. If you have cancelled your reservation in time for a refund and your registration was processed thru our website, the refund will be credited back to your credit card thru our virtual terminal within 30 days from date of request.