NHRA Affiliates

Established in 1951, the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) is focused on advancing the development and leadership of human resource professionals.  Through professional programs and services offered across the country, we strive to support human resource professionals throughout their career life cycle - from intern to executive - as Human Resources leads the way for change in today's businesses.
Our Mission
Each day, each meeting and each initiative we pursue, NHRA helps members turn Human Resources theory, concepts and general information into smart, meaningful action, relevant to their individual professional practices.  By engaging new leaders, we create and promote business collaboration and partnerships.  The new opportunities initiated by these partnerships will support the strategic professional development for Human Resources Professionals enabling them to be effective strategic business partners.
Our Vision
We aim to create a breed of Human Resources Leaders and Business Partners who service and fundamentally shift the focus of HR Leadership back to the organizations they serve.
Our Values
Our organization is an aggregation of the finest talented professional members in the business.  Each of us possesses individual skill that when added together creates a synergistic community capable of solving even the most complex of Human Resources and Leadership challenges. 
Our Objectives
  1. To advance the professional interests of individuals engaged in the field of Human Resources.
  2. To assist and encourage professionals who are engaged in the field of Human Resources Management to improve their professional competence and promote leadership and business partnerships.
  3. To provide a forum for access to and the exchange of information and to provide a medium for the study and research of Human Resources issues and strategy. 
  4. To promote the development and application of pro-active Human Resources concepts and methodology.
  5. To promote the individual membership and encourage groups engaged in Human Resources Management to organize as affiliates of the Association. 
  6. To facilitate programs expressly designed to challenge our members and transform a new way of consuming content and learning how to translate information into personal application.
  7. To provide an environment committed to education - an environment that teaches new methods of turning information into smart meaningful action, new ways of thinking about common concepts, and the value in socializing best-practices between our national membership of HR professionals. 
We Need People Like You To Help Us Grow
The National and Local organizations have a variety of leadership opportunities available. In addition to the senior leadership positions (president and president-elect), locations have a variety of Director and Committee positions. While Location structures vary, there are general responsibilities for each functional area some of which are outlined below.

Membership:  Work with a team of professionals to build and manage NHRA membership.  Includes the development of programs to attract and retain members, develop/recommend member beneifts, develop and administer membership and location award programs, and membership reporting.

Programs:  Develop a dynamic program calendar aimed at building skills for HR professionals at all levels.  Ensure quality programs are delivered on a monthly basis.  Secure speakers, coordinate meeting locations, and special equipment.  Issue meeting notices and track meeting attendance.  Work with speakers to obtain summaries of presentations for NHRA Web Resource Center.

Professional Development:  Create programs and activities that will promote the professional development of members, contribute to the advancement and practice of human resources and keep the membership abreast of current legislative issues that will impact the field.

Hospitality:  Working in conjunction with our programs/professional development teams, you will assist with the registration and greeting of guests to NHRA events. Roles include registration table support, guide into meeting room & introduction facilitation, distribution/collection of meeting materials such as handouts and evaluation forms, etc. You can volunteer to help out at one or two events a year or help out every month. This is a great way to meet people from all walks of the HR community.

Marketing:  Develop and implement the organization's marketing strategy at the National and/or local level. Drive the development of marketing communications and advertising materials. Works closely with the Communications and Public Relations function to ensure consistent messaging and programs within NHRA locations.

Communications/Public Relations:  Develop NHRA communications materials to support national and local programs and events. May be responsible for the issuance of press releases, publication and distribution of member newsletters and, at the Location level, overseeing website operations.

Internet Operations:  Manage NHRA's web resources. Identify key information to provide on www.humanresources.org, develop partnerships with organizations able to serve as a source of information for our members, and ensure web capabilities exist to meet the organization's strategic plan.

Finance:  Manage the finances of the organization ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state tax reporting as applicable. Manage investment accounts, manage accounts payable and receivable, drive budget processes and develop/manage financial management procedures.

Sponsorship:  Secure sponsors for NHRA national and/or local events to offset costs.  Develop and implement sponsor benefit programs including publicity and web exposure.  May also have responsibility for coordinating fundraising efforts.  Solicit advertisers for NHRA website.

Career Services:  Design and implement career services to NHRA members including web-based job listings and job search services. May submit articles for publication in newsletters or on NHRA's website.

Administration:  The Secretary records the minutes of all Board meetings, maintains lists of standing committees, issues meeting notices, handles correspondence and coordinates annual meeting events.

Special Events:  From time to time, NHRA locations offer special events such as Mock Trials, Networking Socials, Silent Auctions, HR Executive of the Year and charitable events. These events are usually planned by a committee made up of individuals from one or more of the areas listed above along with other volunteers. These are typically held once a year and involve less of a time commitment that other roles.