NHRA Affiliates
Ventura County CA
The Ventura County Affiliate, is a vibrant and growing organization that strives to advance the Human Resources profession by providing its members a supportive environment for professional growth, networking and development.

Our Mission
 ENGAGE and SUPPORT the Ventura County HR community by providing:
  •    Meaningful connections 
  •    Porfessional Development
  •    Driven Excellence
Our Vision
Create a HR Community of:
  • Vibrant Membership
  • Innotivative Offerings
  • Exciting Forums
  • Fun Events
  • Frest Content
Our Values
Our commitment to community involvement encompasses outreach programs through strategic community partnerships. Through our financial contributions and volunteer hours, we are involved in and support several non-profits.
We Need People Like You To Help Us Grow
As a volunteer led organization, there are numerous opportunities for leadership development just by getting involved.  Give us a call and we'll show you just how easy and fun it is to join the NHRA team.