NHRA Affiliates
Western NY
The Western New York National HR Association is the newest affiliate of the National HR Association, established in November 2013.  We are excited to be an affiliate of the National HR Association and are excited to grow our new affiliate. 

Our Mission
Is to help National HR Association members turn Human Resources theory, concepts and general information into smart, meaningful action, relevant to their individual professional practices.  By engaging new leaders, we create and promote business collaboration and partnerships.  The new opportunities initiated by these partnerships will support the strategic professional development for Human Resources Professionals enabling them to be effective strategic business partners.

Our Objectives
As part of the National Human Resources Association we vow to provide a welcoming environment where members can network and truly connect with others.  We are excited to propel the careers of HR Professionals by providing professional development opportunities that are unique, valuable and engaging of the membership.

Complete a membership enrollment application today and begin the fun and educational process of building an energetic group of like-minded HR professionals!

Here is a link to the Member Enrollment Application:  [[https://www.humanresources.org/website/c/index.php?page=join]]
We Need People Like You To Help Us Grow
Be a part of this exciting growth period and help build this dynamic National HR Association affiliate.  Volunteer positions that tap into your personal area of expertise abound.  Volunteer activities can include:  professional development, mentoring, event planning, research, committee membership, and many others.

The Western New York National HR Association is 100% volunteer based and is run by Human Resource Professionals and Service Providers who have committed to providing our members and guests an elite professional experience.  

Our goal is to ensure our members have an opportunity to participate in areas that interest them, while ensuring that your time commitment doesn't exceed your availability.  Most roles would require 2-5 hours of your time each month.

Not only is volunteering fun, but it gives you an opportunity to network with your HR peers as well as provide a valuable service to our broader community!

If you'd be interested in learning more about volunteering with our affiliate, please email  ((info@humanresources.org))