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Human Resources Director
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About the Company

Our client is a family-owned business headquartered in Orange County, California. Their father started his business when he opened his first franchise in 1989. Now, over 25 years later, three sons and one son-in-law own and operate over 100 franchises. The Company has over 900 employees in California, and another 300 employees on the Northern East Coast. This family-owned business is very successful, and it was named Franchisee of the Year in 2015 by its franchisor. The Company is poised for growth, and they need a Human Resources Director to take them to the next level.

Position Summary

The Human Resources Director (HRD) is a member of the senior management team, and s/he will bring ideas and best practices to the table as the Company transitions from relying on District and Store Managers to handle HR tasks to having a professional HR team. The HRD will need to stretch to be successful because this position must provide strategic direction to support 1200 employees nationwide while providing HR business support personally for 26 stores in Southern California. The HRD will have two direct reports, an HR Business Partner (HRBP) in Northern California and an HR Business Partner based in Massachusetts, and s/he will have dotted line support from a member of the payroll staff. The main focuses of the position are straightforward: (1) Protect the Company; (2) Keep the Company profitable; and (3) Build relationships with people.

Key Deliverables

For the HRD to be successful, the following deliverables must be met:

1. Immediately upon joining the Company:
a. Spend time with members of management (owners, Office Manager, Accounting Manager, District Managers (DMs), and Store Managers (SMs) to:
i. Understand the culture of the Company;
ii. Build relationships with key stakeholders;
iii. Understand where they need HR support; and
iv. Transition HR duties to HR if they are being done by others.
b. Get to know the HRBPs, accounting, and payroll team members to:
i. Learn current processes;
ii. Build relationships with them and understand how to best partner with them;
iii. Ask questions to understand HR needs from their points of view; and
iv. Coordinate with and guide them as needed.
c. Contact all HR vendors and partners to establish relationships, including benefit brokers, insurance carriers, payroll contacts, etc.

2. Over the first few weeks, travel to each of the Southern CA stores to meet the SMs and employees at each location.
a. Develop a “pulse” for the employees in each store, the manager, and how best to support their HR needs;
b. Become the first point of contact for managers and employees;
c. Talk to employees to ensure they are complying with meal and break period laws, are getting the training they need, and know whom to reach out to for support; and
d. Relieve the DMs and SMs from performing tasks that should be performed by HR.
3. During the first two weeks, become the HRBP and assume all responsibilities for day-to-day transactional HR issues for Southern California and corporate employees, including but not limited to: recruiting, new hire orientation; compensation and benefits; employee relations; workers’ compensation; LOA administration; performance management; employment laws; and terminations.
4. In the first 30 days, assess all HR functions and propose a prioritized plan for addressing any issues affecting compliance, productivity, best practices, and profitability. Include these priorities:
a. Begin by addressing retention issues and within 45 days propose remedies needed to reduce turnover by 50% at the store level within 6 months.
b. Within 60 days, develop a comprehensive staffing plan to maintain a pipeline of candidates for every store.
c. Within 90 days, put safeguards in place to ensure all meals and breaks are taken or the appropriate penalties are paid.
d. Within 120 days, automate paper processes at the store level, including processing vacation requests and onboarding employees.
e. Within 120 days, identify KPIs for HR areas and report on them to management each month.
5. Within 6 months, review all employee benefits and develop a plan for renewal.
a. Pay particular attention to streamlining group health enrollments so that employees are provided coverage upon their effective date and deductions are correct.
b. Review the 401(k) Plan administration and make revisions to ensure administration is a seamless, painless process and deductions are done correctly.
6. In the first 9 months, develop a standardized training program (using Jiffy Lube’s modules) for store level employees to ramp them up to productivity as quickly as possible. Create and provide management training to SMs and DMs, as well as programs to support succession planning, employee development, and talent upgrading.
7. By the end of year one, create and implement programs to engage employees. Determine the appropriate metrics to measure engagement on a trending basis.

Preferred Attributes

• Able to quickly build relationships and trust with management, employees, and other stakeholders.
• Knows how to prioritize work to address critical issues affecting compliance, productivity, and profitability.
• Willing to be bold in making recommendations for best practices in the area of HR.
• Hands on, with the ability to balance creating a strategic vision with providing transactional level support.
• Ability to manage, engage, and motivate employees and managers who are remote.
• SPHR certification or HR degree preferred.
• Retail HR or management experience is important, if not imperative.
• Ability to balance taking care of employees’ needs with being an advocate for the business.


Two days of the week will require local travel throughout Southern California to visit stores. Once or twice each year, the HRD is encouraged to travel to Northern California and East Coast stores to meet those employees and managers. Other travel may be required if critical events occur.


The Company offers a substantial base salary and a comprehensive benefits package.
Sep 5, 2017
Oct 5, 2017