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Senior HR Generalist
Company Confidential in OC

Santa Ana, CA
Position Summary

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, the Senior Human Resources Generalist (“SHRG”) will be the sole Human Resources person for the organization. This is an incredible opportunity for someone who has the passion to strengthen the HR function and can demonstrate the value HR brings to a Company. The SHRG will play a key role in the organization’s success, now and in the future, supporting a current full time staff of 170 employees in Southern California.

The SHRG will take charge of the day-to-day HR matters related to the workforce, while putting critical issues on the management team’s radar. Keeping a pulse on the organization and addressing employee relations issues will be key to the SHRG’s success, as will her/his ability to balance maintaining employee engagement while standardizing and enforcing policies.

Key Deliverables

The most significant accomplishment will be the successful establishment of a respected, effective, and scalable human resources function that will partner with management to achieve the Company’s business objectives.  To achieve this, sub-objectives must be completed, including and not limited to:

1. Immediately begin the process of understanding the Company’s culture, history, services, and business model by meeting with the CFO, President, Controller, Production Manager, and other key employees.
a. During the first week, assume management of day-to-day transactional HR issues, including and not limited to: recruiting; new hire orientation; payroll/HRIS input and reporting; benefits administration; employee relations; workers’ compensation; LOA administration; unemployment and SDI forms/responses; performance management; coaching; employee engagement; training; and discipline and discharge.
b. Learn the Paycom payroll system. Review and correct timekeeping issues and input all changes to the payroll system so that payroll is completed by Accounting accurately and on time.

2. Within the first two weeks, begin gaining the trust and respect of employees at all levels of the Company by providing support, vision, and open communication about the Company’s needs in the HR area.
a. Meet all members of management within the first two weeks to develop an understanding of their needs and how HR can add value to support their business units.
b. Reach out to the corporate HR liaison to understand CommScope’s role with respect to policies and procedures and the level of support they will provide. Begin to customize and implement tools provided by CommScope.

3. During the first 30 days, locate all HR related policies and procedures and review them. Determine whether there are policies and procedures that need to be developed, changed, or documented, and create a timeline for making the necessary changes and additions.
a. Become the go-to resource for policy interpretation and enforcement by advising managers on Company policies and the best way to handle situations as they arise. 
b. Make recommendations to develop scalable policies and procedures to support the Company’s growth over the next 2-3 years.

4. During the first 30 days, establish a relationship with the employee benefits broker and carriers. Learn about each benefit offered, and assume management/administration of all employee benefit programs including vacation, holiday, and sick plans; employee wellness program; gym membership program; Aflac; and group health plans.
a. Ensure all newly hired employees are enrolled prior to their eligibility date.
b. Audit billings to make sure the Company is not paying for former employees.
c. Ensure that the Company remains compliant with the ACA and other regulations.

5. Within 45 days, establish a relationship with the workers’ comp carrier and broker to determine steps that can be taken to lower the Company’s experience modification factor. Assume management of all workplace injuries and illnesses, from initial reporting to follow up on claims.
a. Work with Production management and outside resources to lower the experience modification rating every year going forward.
b. Identify resources to perform safety/OSHA walk throughs to ensure all safety rules are being enforced and deficiencies corrected in a timely manner.
c. Work with Production management to develop and implement a safety program that contains employee training each quarter and regular Safety Committee meetings.
d. Investigate all incidents in a timely manner to identify possible corrective and preventative actions.
e. Ensure that all job descriptions are complete with environmental and working conditions. If they need to be developed, recommend a timeline and partner with managers to write them.

6. During the first 60 days, review all workflows and modules set up in Paycom’s system.
a. Identify whether all modules have been implemented. If not, develop a timeline for rolling out remaining modules.
b. Identify changes that need to be made to streamline payroll and HR processes, whether it is eliminating steps or adding new workflows.
c. Learn how the employee self-service module works and determine whether it would be a cost effective system to implement at the Company.
d. On an ongoing basis, run reports (such as a payroll overtime report) and make suggestions for addressing issues.

7. During the first 90 days, evaluate and understand the onboarding process to ensure the Company’s culture and values are maintained.
a. Work with senior management to fully understand the Company’s vision and cultural values and integrate/reinforce them in the daily operations of the Company.
b. Identify ways of getting people up to speed culturally as quickly as possible.
c. Develop interview questions for managers to use to elicit a candidate’s cultural fit.

8. During the first 90 days, work with management to develop a plan for staffing to support the
organization’s hiring needs and develop bench strength. Create, implement, and manage a full cycle process for recruiting and onboarding employees at all levels, from entry level to management.
a. Determine organizational needs, ensure that appropriate job descriptions and forms are developed, identify creative sourcing methods, and implement appropriate measures to track effectiveness.
b. Manage outside recruiting vendors as needed.
c. Facilitate and schedule interviews.
d. Extend offers of employment, coordinate post-offer screenings which may include drug screens, background checks, physicals, etc.
e. Create employment and medical files.
f. Manage the onboarding process to ensure all required documents are provided to new hires and that Form I-9s are properly completed upon hire.

9. Within 120 days, determine and assess areas to work with the management team to further develop their soft skills and provide/coordinate training such as interviewing, performance management, and discipline and discharge.
a. Coordinate and document required training (safety, forklift, anti-harassment, etc.)
b. Build a library of resources to provide opportunities and avenues for employee and management development.
c. Ensure managers receive anti-harassment training every two years and within six months of promotion or hire.
d. Become a trusted advisor to managers in all areas, especially performance management of their employees.

10. On an ongoing basis continue building a strong culture and constantly improve employee engagement.
a. Track special events (birthdays, service anniversaries) and provide management timely reminders.
b. Suggest, plan and facilitate Company events.
c. Implement and manage employee recognition programs.
d. Identify and implement other methods of building employee engagement.
e. Become the go-to resource for employees and managers.

Preferred Attributes

In order for the SHRG to be successful in this position, it is highly desirable that the person have the following qualities and attributes:

• Ability to build trust with, and earn the respect of the CFO, Controller, and other managers as a trusted advisor.
• Experience working in a manufacturing environment is preferred, and strong bilingual Spanish/English skills are a MUST.
• Hands on, with a passion for creating an exceptional HR department and continually making things better.
• Emotional intelligence to resolve employee relations issues and provide a calm, reassuring presence when issues arise.
• Technologically savvy (Excel, HRIS, Outlook, Word, etc.), with the ability to analyze data and reports to make recommendations.
• Highly organized and able to prioritize under competing demands.
• Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, with employees at all levels of the organization.
• Sound judgment and the ability to maintain confidentiality with respect to all human resources issues.
• Strong relationship building abilities with management as well as rank and file employees.
• Independent self-starter who is not afraid of making recommendations for process improvements.
• Confident demeanor and not afraid of taking a tough stance on policy enforcement when needed.
• PHR Certification or HR Education is preferred.


Minimal travel is anticipated.


The estimated base pay for this position is $75K to $85K. In addition, the SHRG will receive a generous benefits package including health insurance, holidays, and paid vacation.
Oct 3, 2017
Nov 2, 2017