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The National Human Resources Association (NHRA) is comprised of a combined structure of a national board and local affiliates in cities around the country. Your membership provides you with both national and local membership with no additional fees. The organization is a non-profit professional association powered by a team of volunteer leaders just like you. We combine the opportunity to develop your leadership and business management skills with our board and committee positions and through a wide range of program and professional development opportunities.
How does NHRA differ from other HR professional associations?
  • NHRA is powered by volunteers; we do not have a large staff dedicated to HR resource development and lobbying. We rely on partnerships with our affiliates and organizations of all shapes and sizes to deliver products and services to our members and site visitors. As a result, we have placed a high focus on products and services that will bring bottom-line savings and value to your organizations.
  • National Human Resources Association maintains a 70% practitioner/30% service provider ratio to provide individuals with the opportunity to network and build relationships with individuals working in direct HR positions. We discourage solicitation at all events which provides you with the opportunity to learn in a pressure-free environment.
  • NHRA events offer a smaller, more intimate forum for learning. Not only will you have the opportunity to interact more closely with speakers and participants, but you'll also have the opportunity to form lasting business and personal relationships. Our members frequently tell us that the relationships they have made through NHRA are those that have provided them with the best support and have lasted for many years.
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Individual Membership: An individual membership is owned by the member.

Corporate Membership: A corporate membership is owned by a company, not the individual. The company can choose to include up to three employees on the NHRA account and will receive up to three discounted registration rates per meeting or event.

Student Membership: A student membership is for a person who is currently enrolled in a college or university. Students will be required to present valid proof of enrollment (current student id, transcript or other valid document) prior to approval of membership.

A membership will become active after the membership has been approved and the membership dues have been paid.
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