The National Human Resources Association (NHRA) is focused on advancing the individual career development, planning and leadership of human resource (HR) professionals. Through professional networking programs and development services offered across the country, we strive to support individuals throughout their career life cycle. From intern to executive, Human Resources leads the way for change in today’s businesses! 


The NHRA provides members with unlimited opportunities to grow their knowledge and skill set. Connect with HR professionals of varying levels of education, experience and expertise. Also, don't forget to explore ThinkHR.com, as members gain full access to their tools and programs.

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Mindset Matters: Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets – Advancing the Minds of HR Leaders

Affiliate: Western NY

APA Solutions has transformed into Upstate NYs only brain-based human capital consulting firm. Our innovative brain-based methodology is designed to help thinkers, teams and organizations benefit from self-awareness and neuro-leadership principles.  This approach scientifically validates that everyone has access to the development of new ways of thinking. Brain-based coaching is the collaboration of strategies applied to how

Reimagine Success: Discover what’s possible when you focus on what’s most important

Affiliate: National

Date: Wednesday, 1/27/2021 | 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific You’ve worked hard to be the best while leading your team and organization through continuous change. However, instead of being satisfied, every achievement adds more stress and complexity to your life. Speaker, advisor and recovering overachiever, CJ McClanahan has put together a program to

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