Rochester – Workplace Strategies that Work

Jack Rabbit Club 40 Anderson Ave, Rochester

Workplace Strategies that Work focuses on current research showing the important initiatives HR needs to be focusing on in order to retain, engage and maximize today’s “new normal” employee. The world has changed tremendously, and while salary is still of course important, there are many other factors that are far more important than compensation (assuming it’s a fair comp). The second half of this presentation focuses on tangible “nuggets” that HR Directors can immediately implement. Most of these are free or little cost, yet can make a huge difference in performance and engagement.

$20.00 – $25.00

Silicon Valley – Building an Intentional Culture in a Virtual Work World

The Garage at Santa Clara Square Apartment Homes 3405 Montgomery Dr., Santa Clara

We’ve seen a massive shift from an emphasis on in-person culture to a remote workforce, with nearly 90% of companies encouraging or requiring employees to work from home, according to a global survey by Gartner. However, so many leaders were not prepared or ready for this shift considering the suddenness and the fact that the decision was driven by a pandemic and not a planned decision by leaders.

Free – $35.00