Los Angeles, CAReady or Not, Here We Come: (Re)Building the HR Practice


The incremental approach to radical change: Using the story of Stamps.com’s rise, fall, and resurrection, we will take a look into what it takes to walk into either an HR void, or into a survival-based minimalist HR function, and build a transformative, proactive, partner-based HR practice inside a company that may or may not be ready for the change.

In this program you will learn:

  • Building the HR Brand
  • Assessing with your ears to create…The HR Roadmap: Focusing on Positive Incremental Change
  • Living the Brand and Creating Internal Advocates


Lalita Nordquist is a 25+ year HR professional and currently, head of Human Resources at Stamps.com. She holds Master’s degrees in both Psychology and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University. What she is most proud of, however, is being a mother of two. Lalita is passionate about development and engagement. To that end, she believes in servant leadership and doing all she can to ensure the success of the profession, her team, and to the extent she can, her client base.

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