NationalThe Hidden Cost of Grief & Trauma on Your Business

Webinar Description

Program description: The Grief Index study measured the financial impact of grief on U.S. businesses at more than 100 billion dollars in lost productivity annually. According to the American Hospice Foundation, at any given time, 25 percent of the workforce is grieving a loss.
The major causes of employee grief are the death of a loved one, divorce, family crisis, financial loss, death of extended family or friends, major lifestyle alteration, loss of a pet, infertility, miscarriage, estranged relationships and many more. This workshop will equip you to recognize the problem and provide solutions to improve employee emotional health impacting their productivity and satisfaction and the overall wellness of the company.
Key Takeaways (3-4) participants will gain from your presentation:
– Learn how to recognize the symptoms and impact of grief in your workplace
– Learn strategies for shifting practices in the workplace
– Preparing for someone to return to work, equipping fellow employees to recognize and support grieving coworkers, learning what realistic expectations are for a grieving employee, creating a grief informed culture in the workplace
– Gain tools and resources to equip you to more effectively provide support to your employees facing grief

Anne's Bio-

Anne-Marie Lockmyer is an advanced certified grief recovery specialist, certified in critical incident stress debriefing, a certified trauma-integrative practitioner, the award-winning author of the best-selling book, When Their World Stops: The Essential Guide to Truly Helping Anyone in Grief, and the founder of the Grief and Trauma Healing Network.
As a widow herself, Anne-Marie knows the pain and devastation that grief and loss can wreck on a survivor. She serves as an educational catalyst to bring hope and healing to the grieving through grief recovery programs, conference and retreat speaking and consulting.

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